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55 Gallon Drum Tipping Machine for Easy Drain & Emptying (COPY)

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Part Number:BCOMM02-2
Bokashicycle Off-loading Machine for 55 gallon Fermenters

The Bokashicycle 1 ton capacity off-loading machine can accommodate up to four 55 gallon drums at a time. Fermenters are loaded onto the machine manually and properly secured with a safety strap.

A single individual may then pivot one or more fermenters into a head-down position where they are securely locked. In this position the bunge fitting or safety pressure release cap may be opened to drain and collect fluid contents from the barrel.

Once all of the fluid has been collected, the lid seal on the fermenter is released by unfastening the band clamp lever. The fermented product may then be removed safely.

Each drum because of the pivoting angle and leverage provided is easily raised or lowered with relatively little effort. Safety is assured with the barrels properly secured minimizing the chance of a heavy barrel falling off or dislodging from the machine inadvertently.

The unit easily assembles and disassembles using locking pins. There are only two bolts needed to stabilize the system once it is assembled.

Components for 4 barrel off-loading machine:
  • 1 - pivot axel 1 - safety arm locking bar
  • 2 - end pivot supports
  • 4 - barrel cradles with leverage arms
  • 4 - Safety straps to secure barrels to the cradle
  • 3 - spacing pivot shields
  • 2 - pivot axel locking pins
  • 4 - barrel cradle locking pins
  • 2 - locking pins secure locking bar to pivot supports

Safely handle 55 gallon size drums - easy to assemble and take down using locking pins to secure all parts.

Shipping Weight: 500.00 pounds
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