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Bokashi Food Waste Fermenting System 55 Gallon Capacity

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Food Waste 55 Gal Capacity Fermenters:

The 55 gallon capacity waste fermenting system is designed to rapidly break down pre and post consumer food scraps, cull fruits and vegetables, and wasted organic materials in 10 days. The 55 gallon fermenters are well suited to process waste volumes from 1 to 10 tons per month. Each fermenter will have a capacity of about 450 pounds of waste.

Food scraps are rapidly degraded and fermented. For best results the waste material is shredded and placed in the fermenter with culture mix at a rate of 5 pounds of bokashi culture mix per 55 gallons of waste.

We recommend the Bokashicycle's Food Waste Pulverizing Machine as a convenient economical shredder with a stand that fits 55 gal fermenters making it easy to process waste efficiently. With this shredder a single operator can process approximately 4 tons of waste per hour. With the addition of the culture mix to the waste before it passes through the shredding operation, complete inoculation is assured.

Flies, vermin, and pests will not be attracted to the fermented product subsequently mixed with soil.

The anaerobic lid is locked in place with the band clamp to exclude oxygen and after 7 - 10 days the fermentation is complete.

After 10 days fermenting, bokashi tea is drained from the fermenter and used at a 1:50 to 1:100 dilution with water as a foliar spray or in drip irrigation systems to improve and support soil micro flora. Each full fermenter will typically yield around 5 gallons of bokashi tea.

The bio-pulp (fermented food waste) is then loaded at a rate of 20 pounds per square foot and disc tilled to mix pulp well with soil. With a light covering of soil the pulp will rapidly degrade with nutrients and metabolites returning to enrich the soil and micro flora. Plants will respond well to this enriched soil and processors using bio-pulp in the field will find they can completely eliminate their dependence on chemical fertilizers. The complete cycle from raw waste to planting in enriched soil is approximately 30 days.

  • 55 Gallon Food Scrap Fermenting System:
  • 1 - 55 gallon HDPE Fermenter
  • 1 - Aluminum ID tag for tracking purposes with each fermenter affixed to cover lid
  • 1 - Band clamp
  • 1 - Lid with locking flange and seal to exclude oxygen when the fermenter is closed
  • 1 - Filter cassette for fluid removal
  • 1 - Safety pressure release valve - spigot
  • 1 - Key for opening spigot safety pressure valve
  • The Food Fermenting System ships by FedEx anywhere in the US and measures 22 inches in diameter. It stands 36 inches in height