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Catch Basin with High Throughput Filtering Unit

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Part Number:CBFU-01

Bokashi Cycle Screw Press High Throughput Filter Unit:

Bokashi Cycle offers to its clients a high throughput filter unit on a single pallet that will rapidly and efficiently filter out particulates and suspended particles that are commonly encountered in any dewatering operation.

The filter unit includes a 55 gallon catch basin, immersion pump, LED overflow warning unit, and the mounting stand supporting a Spencer Filter sized to remove particulates greater than 200 microns in size. 

It also includes the valves, pipes, input and output pressure gauges, manifolds for cleaning and purging, and integrated electrical circuit controls to maintain automatic pump and filter operations. 

This filter unit can be integrated with a separate cage tote reservoir that receives unfiltered fluid from the catch basin for more efficient filling and handling of fluids.

The separate cage tote reservoir that has its separate immersion pump and hi-low sensing unit is automatically triggered to move fluid through the filtering unit at set volumes in the range 200 to 250 gallon increments. 

The filter unit is designed so that a cage tote reservoir with its pump and sensing unit can be easily integrated into the electrical circuitry to automate filling cage totes with filter fluids at a consistent volume with minimal labor input and monitoring.

The High Throughput Filter Unit is fully operational with a 50 ft power cord and requires only single phase 120 VAC and under maximum loads draws less than 10 Amps.

This unit will auto discharge filtered fluids at a rate as high as 100 gallons per minute.  The discharge rate may be reduced by closing down valves at the inflow or outflow and unless integrated with a separate cage tote reservoir will normally auto-discharge and filter when the catch basin is filled to about 40 gallons.

This unit will auto discharge filtered fluids at a rate as high as 100 gallons per minute.  The discharge rate can be reduced by closing down the inflow valve if a lower filling rate is preferred.

The catch basin will trigger discharge and filtering when its capacity reaches approximately 40 gallons.  As a stand alone unit fluids may be directly filtered and discharged into cage totes without the need to integrate with a separate cage tote reservoir, pump, and sensing unit.

Spencer Strainer - Filtering and Purging Operations:

The Spencer Strainer is used to remove suspended material at a size greater than 200 microns from the liquid obtained in a screw press discharge or dewatering operation.  Any aqueous fluid with particulates may be filtered by simply adding fluid to the catch basin.  The immersion pump will trigger a discharge and immediately power up the filter when the float pump in the catch basin reaches its power on position.

These filters are designed so that they are easily cleaned and purged to remove material that could potentially slow down the filtering whenever the need arises without having to disassemble the filter.  Back flushing and purging is normally integrated into the filtering protocol to maintain optimal filter capacity.  It typically takes only a few minutes to revitalize the stainless steel screen where material may possibly adhere and interfere in filtering operations.

Rental Options:

Bokashi Cycle has in place a rental program for qualified clients and it depends on available filter units in inventory.   The client pays the first and last month rent and freight at $200 per week.  If the client elects to subsequently purchase the filter unit, 1/2 of the rent is credited to the purchase price. 

Call Bokashi Cycle 800.714.2130 for information on available rental units and freight door to door delivery.

Components Catch Basin and Filter:
  • 1 - Spencer Strainer 200 micron stainless steel filter
  • 2 - Filter Stand
  • 3 - Catch Basin 55 gallon capacity
  • 4 - Valve manifold
  • 5 - Overflow Warning sensor - audible
  • 6 - Immersion Pump with float 120 gallon per minute capacity
  • 7 - Integrated electrical interface, pump, filter, sensors, hi-lo sensing and pump connections
  • 8 - Back flush and purge circuits
  • 9 - 50 ft power cord, single phase 120 VAC
  • 10 - input and output pressure gauges