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Dairy/Horse Manure AgroBio Products Production Facility

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Bokashi Cycle Dairy/Horse Manure AgroBio Products Production Facility!

On-site Bokashi Manure Processing:

We provide under contract an alternative to standard AD and retention pond handling of dairy/horse manure that allows the facility owner to retain waste on site converting it efficiently and safely into a high value end product that can be used in agriculture.

The high value end products can be used on the farm, distributed to other farms, or packaged and sold commercially.

Advantages for AgroBio Product Production;

  • Transporting manure by truck to other off farm locations is eliminated.

  • This process is very scalable up or down without expensive modification or

  • upgrading.

  • Significant odor reduction occurs with fermenting of manure.

  • Pathogens are eliminated and there is no need to build expensive retention ponds or lagoons.

  • Owner operator has total control over the process.

  • Profits flow directly to the owner operator.

  • Processing requires minimal maintenance and training to run efficiently.

  • Operating costs are low.

  • Wholesale and Retail product lines are established and controlled by the owner operator.

Bokashicycle NVC LLC has over the several years focused efforts on more efficiently and economically recycling green waste.

We have both domestic and international patents regarding industrial scale waste processing, trade secrets and know how acquired to greatly facilitate those who seek to more profitably and efficiently handle bio (Manure, Food, or Marijuana) waste.

We have also recognized the importance of directing end products to the soil resulting in a biologically active soil and improved agricultural outcomes completely eliminating the reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

We know of no other technology that so efficiently allows growers to improve their soil and agricultural crop performance free of chemical toxins and hazards.

It is part of Bokashicycle’s core technology to license and assist entities interested in establishing these efficient processing plants both domestically and internationally.

Bokashi Manure AgroBio Product Production Facility Pilot Program:

Bokashi Cycle offers to all clients a low cost pilot program designed to assist prospective parties interested in setting up a full scale commercial industrial operation the means and equipment to process on site up to 96 tons of waste.

The pilot program gives the operators the opportunity to become quickly familiar with how waste is processed and hands on experience before making any commitment to putting in place the commercial industrial physical plant which is only done under contract with an issued site permit to operate.

Most pilot programs allow the operator to produce up to approximately 20 tons per month waste processing and the end products for agrocultural use may be sold or marketed by the client to prospective future customers who want to use the products in their grow operations.

Call 800.714.2130 to discuss how to profitably recycle green waste and establish your AgroBio Products Production Facility!