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2 Ton Capacity Food Waste Fermenting Bin - Powder Coated Steel Ultra Low Profile

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2 –Ton Capacity Fermenting Powder Coated Carbon Steel Bin with Anaerobic Seal (3 cubic yard)

We provide a number of fermenting options. We have extensively researched and studied the quality requirements to efficiently ferment food waste.Based on our research and experience standard commercially available bins and fermenters fail to hold up to the rigors of repeated use and cycling.

Most plastic bins and dumpsters do not hold up to extensive handling when filled to capacity.They change shape when filled to capacity and frequently fracture or crack at seams and corners.Metal boxes and bins leak their contents and form rust diminishing the life of the unit.

Virtually all commercially available boxes and bins are far too tall for easy handling in an efficient food waste processing facility.

We produce an ultra low profile 3 cubic yard capacity powder coated steel trapezoidal fermenting unit engineered for our industrial scale food waste processors.

These bins are made of 1/8 inch powder coated steel with continuous welds in the corners and at all internal seams and stich welded on the exterior forming an exceptionally rugged strong fermenting unit.

Each fermenting bin with its anaerobic seal can easily accommodate 2 tons of granulated and inoculated waste.

The waste will be transformed in a bio pulp within 10 to 14 days at room temperature.The trapezoidal configuration makes it easy to tip the bins using our hydraulic tipping unit.

Bio Pulp slides easily over the powder coated surface and is transported safely from one location to another using fork pockets.Due to the low profile, the bin lift height is ideal for both transporting and emptying unlike standard dumpsters and boxes that require high ceilings for clearance.


The bin measures approximately 8.5 x 5 x 3 ft in overall dimensions with the seal in place. Fork lift pockets are welded to the undercarriage.


The fermenting bins can be nested for easy transport. The trapezoidal configuration for each bin with welded undercarriage fork lift pockets allow nesting 6 bins with seals to a height of less than 96 inches.

Foot Print:

The powder coated fermenters are stackable.A standard pallet can be placed on top of the seal for each bin and with the ultra low profile bins can be stacked when fully loaded 3 high.This results in the exceptionally low foot print where 6 tons of waste can be contained in a space of about 40 square feet.




Approximate Load Limit

2 tons

Bin Material

1/8 inch powder coated steel



Fork Lift Pockets

Welded to undercarriage


Trapezoidal ultra low profile

Upper rim of bin

2 inch powder coated smooth uniform surface forms seal with lid


Continuous interior, stich exterior

Weight lid seal

180 lbs

Weight total unit

800 lbs

Anaerobic seal

Powder coated carbon steel extends over rim

Lid eyelets

2 ovoid eyelets lid long axis on each side

Corner eyelets on bin

7 Ga welded eyelets in 4 corners for easy lift

Unit Price:

$ 2965 (USD) - Volume Discounts are substantial


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