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KP6 Screw Press Dewatering Unit - 6 inch screw

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Part Number:KP6-SP

Bokashi Cycle Vincent KP6 Screw Press Rental Unit

Bokashi Cycle offers to its clients a Vincent Corporation KP6 screw press rental and purchase program.  Screw Presses are efficient dewatering units to press and extract liquids from various types of feed stock allowing operators to separate the liquids from the remaining solid "cake" formed in a single operation. 

These dewatering units are able to produce from 30 to 60 gallons per hour depending on the water or liquid content of the feed stock and the screw rate optimization.

The rate of liquid discharge is dependent upon the turning screw rate and the amount of pressure applied to the cone end of the machine and some optimization work needs to be done to work out the ideal conditions for separating liquid from solids when working with different materials that are to be dewatered.

The KP6 is a great model to work out the optimal settings for dewatering feed stocks that can be then used to project outcomes with more expensive industrial scale operations.

Because all screw presses by their nature do include some suspended solids in the expressed liquor we recommend passing the expressed liquid through the high throughput Bokashi Cycle catch basin filtering unit if there is a need to remove particulates from the fluid.

The KP6 Screw Press Unit is fully operational with a 25 ft power cord and requires only single phase 240 VAC 60 Hz power that is converted to 3 phase by the VFD controller that accompanies the unit.

A supporting table and air compressor also accompany the unit making it ideal for easy operations. 

The instructions for operating the KP6 and piping needed to attach to the drip pan where liquids are collected accompany the unit as well making it easy to collect liquids in a bucket as they are being produced.

KP6 Screw Press Specifications:

S Model KP-6
Materials: All wetted contact parts are 304 stainless. The base frame will be carbon steel, blasted and painted.
Parts: Purchased parts like motors, gear boxes, air cylinders, etc., are aluminum and/or painted carbon steel.
Drive: The main drive is a hollow shaft gear box with a C-face mounted NEMA motor. Motor: The motor is a 3hp, 1800RPM, TEFC 460V/3PH/60HZ.

Gear Box: The Nord SK-3282 gearbox will have a Class II service rating.
Screen: The stainless screen set will be perforated steel with a 3/8” backup plate and replaceable .033” inserts.
Compression Screw: The screw is 6" diameter with interrupted flighting. The flights at the discharge end are hard-surfaced for extended life.
Inlet Hopper: The inlet is flanged for the easy addition of a feed hopper or chute.
Liquid Collection: The liquid collection pan has a 3" O.D. tube connection. Two-piece covers fit over the top of the pan and screens above.
Discharge Cone: The discharge cone shall be actuated by a single air cylinder. An Air Filter/Regulator set, and a three-position valve are included. Plant air is required, 75psi. Expect an air consumption of 2 - 3 cfm.

Rental Options:

Bokashi Cycle has in place a rental program for qualified clients and it depends on available KP6 units in inventory.   The client pays the first and last month rent and freight at $200 per week.  If the client elects to subsequently purchase the filter unit, 1/2 of the rent is credited to the purchase price. 

Call Bokashi Cycle 800.714.2130 for information on available rental units and freight door to door delivery.