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Bokashi System Spigot

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Part Number:SPG001

Injection molded Plastic Spigot

A plastic spigot is normally used in Bokashi System fermenters to remove tea that has collected in the lower chamber of the fermenter. A fenestrated (drain) plate allows fluid to accumulate in the bottom chamber.

Microbial enzymes lyse cells and metabolize nutrients in the waste material resulting in a steady stream of liquid being formed. The liquid is rich in nutrients and microbes and it is commonly called Bokashi Tea.

The plastic spigot is assembled and easily installed. The rubber washer and nut secure the spigot in place. The washer is normally placed within the lower chamber of the fermenter so that the nut compresses it against the wall of the fermenter making a complete and secure seal.

The spigot handle is normally in the "Off" position preventing drainage when rotated to the right and in the "On" position when rotated 180 degrees to the left. The drain diameter is approximately 3/8 inch.

  • Color: spigots are typically white but color may vary