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33 lbs - 6 gallon bucket with gamma seal
33 lbs - 6 gallon bucket with gamma seal

VermiPulp® 6 gallon bucket

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VermiPulp® 6 gallon bucket with gamma seal - 33 lbs product



VermiPulp® is a high energy all natural pathogen free bio pulp concentrate used to restore and rapidly improve soil micro flora. 

Worms are attracted and thrive when fed VermiPulp®.

VermiPulp® is biologically active with no added chemical substrates.  It is a recycled green waste end product. 

Most soils have depleted or destroyed micro flora due to use of chemicals, compaction caused by construction, and lack of nutrient recycling. A healthy microbial soil web base is essential for vibrant and healthy plants. 

Synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are killing naturally occurring soil microbes. 

Restoring and supporting the diverse microbial activity in soils will greatly improve your soil and result in healthier vibrant plants. 

VermiPulp® use increases nitrogen fixing and other naturally occurring soil microbes and its metabolites eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.


Intended Use:   

·         All container plants - Mix VermiPulp® with soil in a ratio of 1 part VermiPulp® to 5 parts soil covering the top layer with about 1 inch of soil.  Allow the soil to mature 2 weeks and then use as a potting soil for planter boxes, pots and containers.  Generally no additional nutrients are required for a full season cycle.

·         Vermiculture Feed - Worms love VermiPulp®.  They are attracted to the diverse and numerous micro flora always present in VermiPulp® fermented end products.  Mixing VermiPulp® in your garden or adding it to your vermiculture bins will result in high worm production and castings. Coco fiber or other good water absorbents may be added to diminish overly water laden trays.

·         Vegetable and Ornamental Gardens - Apply to the soil where you intend to grow plants at a ratio 5 to 20 pounds per square foot and till into the soil mixing and covering the surface so that VermiPulp® is intimately in contact with soil.  Allow the soil to mature 2 weeks before seeding and water as needed.  For even richer soil water with a 1:50 AgrowTea® solution with each water application.

VermiPulp is compatible with all organic fertilizers.  However the benefits of regular VermiPulp® applications will be reduced by the use of synthetic and chemical  fertilizers and their use is discouraged.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS:numerous trace amino acids, peptides, cellulose polymers,  carboxyllic acids, alcohols, polyglycols, acetic acid, proprionic acid, butyric acid, valeric acid, ammonium salts ~0.1%, complex sugars, esters, aldehydes, partially metabolized cellulose.   

Humic & Fulvic Acids.

Microbes > 107 CFU/gram

CAUTIONS: Avoid spills and prolonged direct contact with the skin and wash with clean cool water immediately to prevent injury or irritation. Do not ingest.

The fermented product has repeatedly been shown to be free of fecal coliforms and pathogens.


Packaging: 6 gallon bucket with gamma seal, 33 lbs


VermiPulp® - Industrial Applictions:

We provide VermiPulp® in bulk with discounting for industrial vermiculture clients. Call 800.714.2130 for a price quote.