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Bokashi Yard Waste Fermenting System 55 Gallon Capacity

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Yard Waste 55 Gallon Capacity HDPE Fermenters!

The yard waste fermenting system is designed to rapidly break down grass clippings, weeds, and brush placed in the 55 gallon fermenter using a combination of the bokashi culture mix and an accelerant.

Woody items and branches may be included but should be shredded before being added to the fermenter. Food scraps may be added and mixed in with the yard waste. No carbon rich material is needed to mix with ordinary grass clippings or yard waste for transformation to take place.

Flies, vermin, and pests will not be attracted to the fermented product subsequently mixed with soil.


Successful conversion of waste to rich soil involves placing the waste material in the fermenter in layers.

A cup of concentrated accelerant is diluted 3.5 fold with water and sprayed directly onto the waste. The culture mix is then dispensed broadly over the layer using the dispensing unit. Each layer is 2 - 4 inches thick.

The anaerobic lid is locked in place with the band clamp to exclude oxygen and after 7 - 10 days the fermentation is complete.

The fermented product is removed and mixed with ordinary soil and then covered with about 3 inches of soil. Soil microbes then in about 7 - 10 days convert waste into rich soil. If the fermented grass clippings and weeds are mixed in with a compost pile, it will also rapidly degrade and re-activate a dead compost heap. The yard waste fermenting system is made up of the following components.

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  • 55 Gallon Yard Waste Starter Kit:
  • 1 - 55 gallon HDPE Fermenter
  • 1 - Band clamp
  • 1 - Lid with locking flange and seal to exclude oxygen when the fermenter is closed
  • 1 - Filter cassette for fluid removal
  • 1 - Safety pressure release valve - spigot
  • 1 - Key for opening spigot safety pressure valve
  • 1 - 25 pound bag of bokashi culture mix
  • 1 - 1 gallon concentrate of accelerant for yard waste processing
  • 1 - 1 liter spray bottle for priming yard waste before adding culture mix
  • 1 - Instruction set for yard waste processing
  • 1 - Bokashi mix dispensing unit
  • There is enough culture mix and concentrated accelerant provided in the starter kit to process approximately 550 gallons (~ 3 cubic yards) of hard packed yard waste.

    The Yard Waste Fermenting kit ships by FedEx anywhere in the US and measures 22 inches in diameter. It stands 36 inches in height