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Yard Waste and Pet Waste Accelerant
Yard Waste and Pet Waste Accelerant

Bokashi Pet Cycle Yard Waste Accelerant Concentrate

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Bokashicycle Yard Waste and Pet Waste Accelerant Concentrate

Bokashicycle provides to clients a proprietary concentrate that greatly facilitates pet waste and yard waste processing.  Both yard waste and pet waste are difficult to ferment and degrade.  Bokashi culture mix or bran mix as it is sometimes called will not degrade waste unless the conditions are properly adjusted.  The Bokashicycle Accelerant Concentrate is formulated from natural products and properly adjusts the pH and micro nutrients to assist the culture mix in fermenting both pet waste and yard waste.  It is also essential in killing pathogens in the pet waste.  The Accelerant Concentrate is diluted approximately 3 fold with water and used to spritz yard waste before adding the wheat bran culture mix to yard waste.  It is also used in the same manner in processing pet waste.

Yard Waste Use:

Dilute the accelerant concentrate 3 fold with water and spritz over shredded or leafy yard waste.  Yard waste should be green leafy or cut grass material or if twigs and woody material, properly shredded and then sprayed with water and placed in a proper fermenter with a seal that excludes oxygen.  Add a sprinkle of bokashi culture mix to the yard waste every few inches in layers after spritzing the layer with the diluted accelerant concentrate.  Seal the fermenter to exclude oxygen and allow 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature or longer in cold weather and then mix the fermented end product with soil.

Pet Waste Use:

Bokashi Pet Cycle's formulated accelerant will rapidly degrade pet waste when combined with bokashi culture mix in an anaerobic fermenter.

  • Mix 1 cup (~300 mL) of Bokashi Accelerant Concentrate with 2 gallons of water to the fermenter so that the concentrate is diluted.
  • You are now ready to ferment your pet's waste in the fermenter.
  • Spritz 3 puffs after each addition of pet waste with the diluted accelerant before closing the fermenter to insure fermentation conditions are optimal.
  • Each time you open the fermenter to add pet waste, also add 3 teaspoons of bokashi culture mix and spritz 3 puffs of diluted accelerant over the deposited waste.
  • Close the lid tightly to exclude oxygen.
  • One gallon of Bokashi accelerant concentrate is enough to make up approximately 16 fermenting cycles which is approximately 300 lbs of pet waste.