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Pet Waste Disposal - Supplemental Fermenter

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Bokashipetcycle Supplemental Fermenters - Expand your processing Capacity!

A supplemental fermenter allows users to process an additional 20 lbs of waste within each cycle so that fewer trips to the garden are required in a given time to process the waste by expanding the fermenting capacity for your bokashipetcycle system.  The table below provides a useful guide to how many fermenters are required in processing pet waste.  The minimum time required to process 20 lbs of waste is 1 week per fermenter.

Starter system (2 fermenters)

1 to 20 pounds

Starter system + 1 supplemental fermenter

20 to 40 pounds

Starter system + 2 supplemental fermenters

40 to 60 pounds

Starter system + 3 supplemental fermenters

60 to 80 pounds

Lots of pet waste?

  • Add additional capacity to ferment pet waste in 3.5 gallon (US) [13.3 liters] increments.
  • Each additional fermenter will increase processing capacity by ~ 20 pounds.

  • Use with bokashi culture mix and the accelerant as directed in the instructions for the Petcycle waste disposal system.