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Bokashi System Drain Plate

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Part Number:FENS001

Injection molded Fenestrated Plate

The photo image shows the top and bottom view for Bokashi System Drain plates.

Fenestrated plates are used to efficiently separate fermenting recyclable waste from the liquid formed in the degrading process. Microbial enzymes lyse cells and metabolize nutrients in the waste material resulting in a steady stream of liquid being formed. The liquid is rich in nutrients and microbes and it is commonly called Bokashi Tea.

The plate is placed legs down in the bottom of a 3 to 5 gallon fermenter. This creates a chamber where the tea is collected.

Easy Collection Filtered Liquid!

As material ferments and metabolizes, the released liquids percolate to the lower chamber beneath the fenestrated.  Tea is normally removed with a spigot connected to the lower chamber.

The fenestrated drain plate is designed to accurately fit fermenters with sufficient space to adequately accomodate the spigot and fermenter wall. It is not necessary to bond it to the bottom of the fermenter and some people who build their own units prefer to remove the drain plate periodically for cleaning.

  •   Shipment includes a single Drain Plate
  •   Plate color black
  •   Diameter of plate: 10 3/8 inches